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Mursi People

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One of the most original and eccentric branches of the Ethiopian native peoples known as “Nara Surma” is the Mursi. They are pastoral transhumants who raise cattle on the high plateaus bordering the Omo river in the Gamo Gofa region. The tradition is to leave the Omo valley during the rainy season beginning in May or June and to move on to the higher plateaus. They are Nilotic/Omotic origins. They remove the lower inclsor teeth and don’t practice circumcision.

Make room for the future lip plate for which Mursi women are well known. They use the plate to discourage slave traders, to prevent evil from entering the body, and to indicate the number of the cattle required by the wear’s family for her hand in marriage. The bigger the plate the more the cattle.

Historical Tour Guide Program

Tour guide service to the ancient historical places and ancient holy churches. You will be able to visit the statue of Axum, the Gondar Castles, churches and monasteries arround Bahir Dar, the old city Harar, 12 churches of the Lalibela and many more

Ethnological Tour Guide Program

A tour guide that will enable you to view and experience what other ethnic groups people life-style is and their culture. There are more than 80 ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Each ethnic group will have different way of living and different culture.

Trekking Tour Guide Program

In this tour program there will be trekking activities on the highest mountain of Ethiopia, specially at the north the Semien Mountain and at the south the Bale Mountain. In connection with this tour you will see some endemic animals of Ethiopia

Denakel Tour Guide Program

A tour guide program to the hotest place on earth, the Denakel Depression. You will also see an active volcano at the north western of Ethiopia at the Afar Region. The place has been viewed by the national geography and named one of the hottest place on earth

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